Out of Nowhere

This post is coming from a place of disorientation to put it simply. I’m no stranger to change and the emotions that come with it. Coming from a background void of comfort or stability, I’ve grown accustomed to moving around and adapting accordingly. However, as a person who is fond of preparation for the future, nothing could prepare me for what I can only describe as the “free fall” I’m experiencing post graduation. 

Friends and relatives try their best to console my fear of failure and disappointment citing that I’ve just begun my journey. They encourage me to enjoy this time off and not to worry so much since I’m still young. While this is true, it’s hard to acknowledge their optimism when it feels like my life is at a standstill. Having to revert back to depending on my parents for the basics is humbling to say the least. 

In times like these, I obsess over applications and being as productive as possible. I’ve started to measure the events of the day against how many applications I’ve submitted. This is wildly unhealthy, I know. But it seems like the only way to cope. I hope to shake off this feeling soon, hopefully with a prospect of full time employment. 

To other recent grads who are feeling similar pressure, you’re not alone. One of the reasons I’ve started this blog is to share our collective struggle to find both purpose and employment in this recovering economy and period of change.

May the job gods be with you. 


One thought on “Out of Nowhere

  1. I totally feel your pain here. I have a retail job that drives me crazy. I’ve been trying to find a full-time job, preferably one in my field. Hopefully both of us will have something soon.

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